Monday, June 17, 2013

What's wrong with me?

Do I need my head read? What would ever possess me to start yet another BOM? I need help………
I shouldn’t look through my stash. Every time I do I find another little project that I forgot about and then get all excited to see it again.  I pull it out and start sewing! My theory…” finish one thing at a time” just went out the window yet again!
I had ordered this little pre-packaged bundle quite a while back. I think 2007 to be quite honest. It’s a Bunny Hill design called Postcard Cuties for Winter. It’s a small wall-hanging quilt that measures 38X36 so my thinking was it will go together quick…it’s tiny. WRONG…..regardless of the size of a wall-hanging…each block takes the same amount of work.  But this is so worth it as it is just adorable.

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