Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sisters are the best

There is nothing quite as great as a sister. They are always there, always a part of your life  and always not afraid to ask for specific quilts. My sister Joey is my biggest quilt fan and has no problem saying how much she loves my quilts, and has no problem asking for specific quilts I’ve made. Usually I end up giving her the ones she likes, because she truly loves them. When I go to visit her she has them proudly displayed and always makes such a big fuss about them. She really appreciates them so it’s a pleasure to give them to her.
She even has the nerve insight to ask me to make specific quilts for her. Last time I visited she commented that her kitchen table runner was looking a little tired and put in an order for a new one. She was specific that it be a pale blue that matched her curtains. LOL Got to love her. I did have fabric left over from a wonky log cabin that I made a while back, so it really cost me nothing to make.
I gave it to her last weekend while she was down visiting and got a wonderful phone call when she got home telling me how great it looked on her table and that it was the perfect color and of course that she just loved it!

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