Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonderful Motherhood


Mother’s Day was a great day spent with my four children and family. I can’t believe how the years have passed so quickly, where did all those years go? It just seems like yesterday I was celebrating my first Mother’s Day over 30 years ago.  My youngest daughter who is a mother herself, held a wonderful celebration for myself and her mother in law and our families. My mother who is 87 also came and it was a great evening of fun with everyone.

I have two daughters and two sons, 31, 29, 25 and 19. They were all able to attend other than the youngest who has a part time job at Tim Horton's and had to work 2-10. They all got together and gave me this wonderful stitch clock…it’s so cute and already hanging in my sewing room. I love the little scissors hanging as the pendulum.

The youngest son who missed the festivities, had a lovely bouquet of tulips for me earlier in the day before he went to work. How sweet was that…..I’m thinking I did ok raising them as they seem to appreciate me.

Either that or they’re fearful I’ll tell the 3 that still live at home that the hotel is closing and they have to find a new place to stay.   My girls are always teasing, saying that the youngest gets away with everything and is the favourite. He doesn’t and he isn’t, it’s just that after 3 children and having him later at 38, we were just to tired to focus on all the little things that we did with the others.  He’s turned out quite nicely…they all have.

I mentioned to my girls about the tulips as it was so sweet of him. The girls immediately said that he was just buttering me up before he tells us he’s knocked some girl up.  LOL, got to love that sibling rivalry.


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