Friday, February 22, 2013

Six Years in the Making


I have finally finished my Pumpkin Seed Quilt. I haven’t really been working on it for the last six years…it’s like I started it six years ago, worked on it a couple of years later, then finally said come on…let’s get er’ done.  Trouble is that sometimes when you leave it so long, you loose interest in the quilt itself, the fabric becomes out-dated and so does the style…but I persevered and did finish it. It’s not quilted yet, that I’ll have to do once I think about how I’ll custom quilt it. Custom really is the only choice.


It was done with a fusible lining that you stitch around the shape, slit, then turn right side out, baste the edge, fuse to your background fabric then machine stitch around. Getting the seeds to line up was a bit of a challenge but I’m happy it’s done. Not one of my favourites, but sometimes that happens. I did get a blue and white backing which will be a good choice once I start customing it.


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