Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilts from the Heart Show- Tampa


I had the opportunity to attend the Quilters Workshop of Tampa Bay Quilt Show while we visited the Tampa area and it was a great treat. I think I’ve actually seen more quilt shops and shows in the last month  than I have the last six months.

Dear Hubby went to play hockey(yes in Tampa) and dropped me at the show. I had a few hours of delightful freedom to look, shop and get my fill before he picked me up.

The quilts were lovely and a wide variety of patterns and designs. Always inspirational…to see what other quilters are up to.


Picked up some fat 8’s for that I Spy Quilt I’m going to start,  a yard of  a basic blue, and a charm pack.



  1. OH, how fun that was to be able to go to a quilt show without hubby lurking around ready to leave! You certainly have restraint at not buying much!

  2. It was a fun quilt show. I was just sorry that it was a dark day, and the lighting was not a little better. But the quilts were fabulous.