Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birdie Stitches



Now what to do with it?  This should really go to someone special…and I know exactly who that special little person is.

Our goddaughter, and Dear Hubby’s niece Julianne had a beautiful little girl, Charlotte, almost a year ago. She turns one next month and this will make a wonderful birthday present for her. I love to give things to Julianne as she really appreciates the work, time and expense that goes into special gifts such as this. I embroidered Charlotte’s name into the sashing of the quilt so it would be a special keepsake through the years.


Special thanks go to Little Miss Shabby whose creativeness and talent inspired this wonderful BOM and thanks to her for sharing all this goodness with other quilters….how generous. You can find her at


  1. Adorable! I've seen other versions of this quilt online but yours is my favourite by far. Lucky Charlotte!

  2. Thanks should have done this have plenty of stash? right?