Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rainbow’s End has a Pot of Gold


I managed  to get to a fabulous shop called Rainbow’s End in Dunedin recommended by Happy Cottage Quilter. What an amazing store…the only drawback…I wish I could have taken more pics. The shopkeepers only agreed to 2 photos at a distance. These 2 pictures do not do the shop justice.

I walked in and thought…this is nice…till I really got in there. They have I believe, 20,000 bolts of fabric. I just circled around and around, just totally mesmerized. Their Christmas section would literally house the whole Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. shop where I teach.  If you were looking for something in particular, they would definitely have it. Having said that, I was looking for Lucien’s 30 prints, but they only had a limited selection of oldies.

The shop is sort of divided into 3 sections…the front area whose fabric is sorted by color, along side this area is are shelves catering to fabric by theme….food, animals, outdoors, sewing, children, etc. In the middle section of the store is an area with sale fabric and flannels. The back of the store, which is humongous….houses all the fall, winter and Christmas fabric.

It was like being a kid in a candy store, only better! Plus I had a good 1.5 hours to look around as Dear Hubby went to see where the Blue Jays have Spring Training, so no pressure to rush in and out.

I’ve been on my best behaviour while I’ve been here and resisted buying huge amounts of more fabric…..My New Year’s Resolution was to finish up and use up what I have…and I have lots.

I did pick up a few fat quarters for the I Spy quilt I’m planning and my Crazy Dog BOM plus a bag of white buttons to finish off my Pumpkin Seed Quilt….so I was a really good girl and stuck to my plan.


Dear Hubby was a gem and let me have lots of time to ogle and drool.



  1. my brother & sister live in Dunedin - I visit Rainbow's End whenever I visit - I wish all quilters could have the experience

  2. I have literally left the store empty handed. Though it is a nice shop, it does have way too much stuff and with too much eye candy it is overwhelming at times.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to make it to Rainbow's End. It certainly is a quilters paradise. Very over stimulating. But worth the visit.