Friday, February 8, 2013

A hop, skip and a jump

From where we were staying…and what I did when I got there!


Just a short drive from our hotel in Orlando was the Sewing Studio. While Dear Hubby had his afternoon nap I headed over and spent about an hour getting my fill again. A very nice shop….The button selection is amazing…every type, shape and color imaginable.


Great selection of fabric, including batiks and they are very focused on machine embroidery with lots of samples and supplies.


I did pick up a few goodies. The Bon Appetite fabric was a great find…I have a few fat quarters of  matching co-ordinates at home, so I picked up enough to add for a border around a runner. I’m continuing to build my stash for the Crazy Dogs BOM and picked up cute fabric with dog paws on it, a nice grey piece that will make into some sort of breed, and a zipper so that I can work on my Little Monster pillow while I’m here.


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  1. How fun! I love visiting out of town quilt shops as they always have fabrics I've not seen before. Carol