Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the heart of Ohio's Amish Country you'll find Miller's Dry Goods Quilt Shop. Dear Hubby was very patient finding this one.  Our GPS took us down tiny little back roads that looked more like people's driveways than roads, through winding, curvy hills that must be a nightmare in winter, and landed us LOST. We had to stop and ask where the shop was. By this time I had to pee like a racehorse go to the washroom, however guess inside plumbing at the shop. There was an out house, but I opted to have my tonsills float  hold it. I did pick up a few little things. Fabric to match my "Santa's Little Helper" charm pack, pale blue (plain) batik, which I have been looking ages for and a few tea towels to embroidery on. 

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  1. Don't they have a delightful shop?? I went to Millers a couple of times when I visited my BFF and we did the Amish Country Shop Hop. Millers has such a wonderful selection, and the basement has great prices :-)