Thursday, October 27, 2011

He tries...Bless his heart

It all started with a little drip! My dear hubby, bless his soul, is not a plumber. When he said, " I'm gonna fix that drip on the kitchen sink", I just knew it was not going to end well. He told me that he just had to go to Home Depot to get a free replacement cylinder . I should have told him that nothing in life is ever free...but I kept my mouth shut!.  Off he went on Day 1 to get his free replacement part. Came home and proceeded to install it. A few hours later and after much _)*@!*$+!&(_!$&!+)$&$!)&$!) from the kitchen he says " I'm gonna have a quick nap". Off he goes. When he gets up he says  the bloody thing got stripped, and why don't they just make things that are easy to install. He says he has to go back and get another thing a ma jig from Home Depot that he accidentally stripped. Oh yeah, and he asks if I can call my brother who is a handy man to drive down (40 minutes) to help him....Ahhhh NO!
Day #1 without water, tap or sink.
Day #2, much the same as Day #1, more (&)@$_&_)$&Q_)@&$Q()&@ and then he says he's going for his nap. I went out, came home hours later, he's up, hands me the computer which has a few tap samples displayed and says "Pick one!"  I did. He goes to hockey and says that he'll stop on the way and pick it up. Says that the old one is 7 years old anyway and we're due for a new one. Ladies...I'll have you know I'm still keeping my mouth shut. 
Day #2 without water, tap or sink. my new tap...things are looking up.
I'm out for the day and come home to new tap installed, no hubby...yep....he's gone down for his nap. )(&&_Q&@$(* When he gets up he says he thinks he's got it now. Thank god! He needs these flexible hoses to attach the water lines. Off he goes to Crappy Tire and calls about 15 minutes later. Asks me to measure the distance between the tap and the pipes under the sink. I measure and add a few inches for good measure, cause I think I know what's gonna happen...too short right?   Wrong. He comes home, they're too fault. Away he goes again to get smaller ones.  Now it's late, he's tired and he's going to go to bed.
Day #3 without water, tap or sink.

Thank god for Day #4. He gets up early, and bless his heart, voila, I have a new tap! He gets me to try it out. It has all the bells and whistles, even pulls out so you can spray with the hose. So that free replacement part cost us $129.00 for a new tap and parts. See I told you nothing is ever really free! 
As I'm admiring this new wonderful addition to my drips a tiny, glistening bead of water from it's flashy chrome spout....Ladies, I kept my mouth shut!   


  1. I can so relate, same thing happened in my kitchen a year ago. Let me guess, it was a "moen" faucet. I didn't get a new faucet though, mine doesn't drip anymore but isn't exactly how it should be either!

  2. Oops, btw, I have to say, I DIDN'T KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT, it's so not like me .