Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm having trouble getting into winter mode

I'm really having trouble getting back into this winter mode. Two weeks in Cayman will do that to you. No this is not a portrait of me on the beach in Cayman....I wish!  It is an oil painting that my 85 year old mom did though. Isn't it amazing, and so is my mom. She does beautiful work and this is one of my favorite. While we were in Grand Cayman, my uncle who lives there and whom we were visiting, had a showing of his batiks. He is also an amazing artist. My mom, his sister, showed some of her work at the same art show and this was one of hers. It's titled " Just Veggin".  Makes me wish I was back lazing on the beach.  I need to get a grip, and get back in the groove with the snow and sub zero temps, if I'm ever gonna make it til spring.    


  1. Wow Leslie! Your mom's painting is amazing.... looks like a photograph. I didn't leave the freezing temps and I'm having a hard time "getting into winter mode".

  2. Stunning! I've seen some of your Mom's work and it's wonderful. Did she work on this while she was in the Cayman's?