Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beginner Beauty

This is Kathie's quilt, a beginner in my "beginner's" class at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. Hard to believe that she is a beginner. She had sewing knowledge and was a very attentive student and she did amazing, don't you think. The students were just to make a table topper, however Kathie had seen my larger sample, had extra fabric and went for it. I met her husband at the store after it was quilted and he said he was quite proud of her...I guess!  It looked lovely quilted in the pattern Happy Times and Kathie was a joy to teach. I hope I see her at more of my classes.

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  1. For a beginning quilter, Kathie did a lovely job. I can see why both her husband and you are proud of her work.

    I received your comment at my blog, entering your name in my "blogaversary" drawing. I wasn't able to reply directly to you as you're set for "no reply" or haven't made your e-mail available. So I'm contacting you this way. Good luck in the drawing, Leslie.