Monday, December 13, 2010

Should I sleep on it or eat on it?

You think your hubby doesn't notice things right?....not....It's amazing what they do notice when you don't want them to. I had wanted to do something a little different over Christmas in my kitchen. I wanted to brighten up the table and add some pizazz to the room, however could not find just what I was looking for, so kind of let the idea go. Later I was rummaging around in the linen closet and came across an unopened duvet cover in red and white that I had bought years ago for about $10.00 from Ikea. It was suppose to be for one of our girl's bedroom but never made it onto the bed. As I looked at the package, I thought that it would make a really cute table cloth for the kitchen table. It was 100% cotton, there was lots of fabric cause it was a duvet so there was a top and bottom and it had been a king size cover. I loaded it on the longarm, thought why not and quilted it in a YLI variegate of red, pale yellow and pink that I had never tried before and a new pantograph called Holly Berries that had just arrived...It quilted like a dream and I love it. While I was quilting my hubby lets me know that it's time to pick up our youngest son. I tell him that I have just a half row to finish on this tablecloth and he turns to me and says "Tablecloth? looks like an old bedspread." I thought I was going to kill myself laughing with this one. He never notices anything. I could come home and change the cut and color of my hair and he wouldn't notice or say a thing....but he can suddenly tell the difference between a bed cover and a tablecloth....LOL... love it anyway, didn't cost me anything, brightens up the room for Christmas and I love my trifle dish filled up with matching ornaments!

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  1. I love it, and how you've displayed some ornaments too.