Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fear Factor....Minky Fabric

I just dreaded this call...I have a quilt that I need long armed, and it's minky fabric......()*#!)(&$&%_*!_My worst nightmare, my biggest fear....the dreaded Minky.
Don't know why I fear it so much, maybe because it has a tendency to stretch a great deal, maybe because I've just not challenged myself to put one on my machine.....So I stretched myself and agreed to quilt this baby quilt for my wasn't all minky, the white is minky and the green was flannel. The challenge was not so much the minky fabric but the flannel and minky together where points did not meet perfectly and there were quite large lumps to try and quilt over. It is complete, customer pleased and one little bundle of joy will be warm and cozy wrapped in it.

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