Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it

Ok, now that we have arrived in Punta Cana for a week's relaxing vacation, it can snow all it wants at home. When we left it was freezing and all I could think of was miles of beach, unlimited pina coladas and not having to cook. Now that we are here, all I can think of is the kids, the grandbaby, the dog, my mother, did the kids eat, did they feed the dog, did they lock the door, did they turn off the stove, hope they didn't overload the washer, did they pick up the mail, did they set the alarm for school, did they have breakfast, did they take a lunch, are they sticking to curfew(yeah right), did Nick get to hockey ok, did they have the proper supper I had set aside, OMG....I need another drink "Camarero por favor, puedo tener otra piƱa colada ".
This little number was a mini wall hanging designed by Nancy Nigh. Isn't he sweet. I love the little hanger complete with it's own snowflake.

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  1. Leslie: GET A LIFE!!!!!!!! ENJOY YOUR VACATION. Everyone is fine. So they say. :)