Sunday, September 8, 2013

Orsic Owl


Usually I’m better than this and have these blocks completed before the next one is posted at Fat Cat Patterns. I was a little behind this month, on what seems to be everything, just not my quilting.

Life is getting in the way!

I like the block but his one eye is bothering me….the right eye is just slightly higher than the left….I didn’t notice it before I touched the iron down and sealed the wonder under in place.

Not sure how long I can let it go…part of me wants to redo the whole block but part of me says….are you really that anal  much of a perfectionist.

I need to let it go, surely to goodness I’m entitled to have one wonky eyed hooter out of  24.  Just means I have to get the next 16 critters perfect.


Stop looking at his eye!

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