Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do you have a quilt in blue?


Dear Eldest Sister visited us a week ago while attending a family wedding and hit me up for another quilt…not just one, I should say…but 2.  Every time she visits she leaves with something.

She starts off nonchalantly and says….do you have any quilts in blue? I want to redecorate the spare room and blue  would really go nice in there.  So we start looking thru my stash and come up with a couple of options that might work.

Every time she visits she ends up taking quilt or two with her. I don’t really mind, I love it that she enjoys them and displays them, plus she’s my sister…you gotta love her.

She ended up choosing this row quilt that I had completed in 2003…I know that date as I had embroidered it into the border.

She was excited to get it and in fact called a few days later to tell me how lovely it looked on the bed and how nicely it matched everything.

I did the math….I figure that with 3 visits a year, 2 quilts a visit I should have no quilts left in about 6 years. LOL

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  1. I love the idea of a row quilt. I did last years Bee in My Bonnet Row Along and I just love it! is your pattern still available?