Friday, August 15, 2014

Sometimes I just luck out

So we’re away camping with the kids and grandkids at Jellystone Park near Java and Dear Hubby and I decide t take a country drive just to get away from the grandkids. As we are driving along I see a large quilt block painted on the side of a building…like those barn blocks that you sometimes see in your travels.  How cool is that.


We drive on and venture to the local TSC and Wal-Mart…your typical country drive. As we are heading back I see this quilt store. STOP!


How did I miss this on the way in? It even had the gigantic quilt block painted on the side of it like a beacon of light at sea in the worst of  storms. The shop was called Creekside Quilts in the small village of Arcade. Dear Hubby did stop and I had a quick gander through…long enough to score some Soft and Stable, which I have been trying to find forever. As well a little yardage of  Knitting Needles and Yarns…perfect to go along with the little bits and pieces of matching fabric I had of the line.


We did enjoy the country drive….



And did enjoy our time with the grandkids…


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  1. Looks like fun! I had to google Jellystone to see where it is. Seems really far north to this Texas gal. Cool find on the quilt store.