Friday, August 8, 2014

Pillow fun

I’ve been trying to utilize my stash over the last year and I am amazed with not only what I have been finding, but what I have been able to accomplish. For starters I wonder what would have ever possessed me to buy these little tapestry pillow panels in the first place, I must have been hormonal.


I finished these little pillows up for Dear Eldest Daughter. I thought they were quite funny but her new hubby thought otherwise and said that they would have to go away when his parents came over for a visit. OMG….You are married now…. and nobody thinks you’re sitting around and holding hands anymore. And putting them away when your parents come over…..I think they’ve  figured it out, otherwise how would you have gotten here. Silly country boy.

Had to throw in one more for that Diva of a Daughter….


He’ll soon figure the last one out!

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