Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remember when?


You would go out and cut down your Christmas tree or get it from the Christmas tree lot at the mall before Christmas. Then you’d haul it onto the top of the car, tie it down and head home. You would see cars all over the town, heading home with trees tied on top of them.

Remember when it was real, instead of fake from an oversized box…Which by the way, have you noticed, always comes perfectly packaged…every needle and light in place. Haven’t we all tried to get that sucker back in the box it came in after Christmas?  It never….. ever….goes in the way it came out. Do you ever wonder why that is.  I try and cram, and ram, but damn….the box never looks the same. Mine always bulges, and the flaps never close down and I have to wrap two miles of packing tape around it just to get it down the stairs to the basement. I always feel like a complete loser….surely there is a way to get to fit….all logic says there is, cause it came out of it initially.  And the tree manufacturers…they know this…cause they are in business with the fellow who invented the tree bags you can buy to store your fake tree in when you can’t get it back in that box………….

I tried to reminisce back to the days of real trees by making these little tree toting vehicles……oh, those were the days…….

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