Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Stitching


These are always fun little projects to do.  Plus you can never have enough tea towels, especially with bunnies and chicks embroidered on them. I get my embroidery designs from Embroidery Library. They have an amazing selection of designs… can get overdosed just looking through trying to decide which designs you like best….I love them all. Even though these are relatively small designs they do take quite a while to complete on my machine. Believe it or not they take on average about 40 minutes to stitch out just one. That can tie up your quilting for a while, especially if you are doing several.   To multitask I set up both my machines at the same time. I  have an embroidery/sewing machine plus another small sewing machine that is lighter which I can take to classes with me or travel with.  While I’m embroidering I quilt on my smaller machine. As they are side by side, I can keep an eye on the embroidery as it works through, changing thread as necessary and still get some of my piecing done at the same time. I wrapped these up and gave them as little gifts this Easter.



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