Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragonflies Over the Fields


I’ve been really sticking to my plan of finishing off projects that I had bought years ago before starting new projects. My averages haven’t really been that bad considering how many old projects I have stashed away. For every old project I am getting out of hibernation and working on, I’m completing about 3 new ones.

That’s really not that bad as previously I was not working on any old ones.  I did a quick math calculation and I should have all be tucked away projects and quilts finished by 2567.  I’m on a roll obviously.


I’ve had this dragonfly wall hanging tucked away for at least 7 years maybe. It was offered at the store that closed prior to Kindred Spirits taking over. It’s done in batiks and somewhere along the way I picked up a really cool batik with gold filigree throughout it for the outer border.  Plus I have enough fabric left over to make a co-coordinating quilt. Bonus!


I remember how much I liked it at the time, now……not so much.

But I’m not wasting it and some little girl will think it’s totally awesome, and that’s all that really matters.


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