Friday, February 4, 2011

Tiny Town Tips and Tricks #1

Isn't it great when quilters share their secrets....I love it. Mary Ann who is the Tiny Town BOM club at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. Store shared her secret to keeping each block nice and neat. Rather than fold them or stuff them into a container, she rolls the block around a mailing tube and then fastens it around with Velcro tabs. How smart is that. This way, if you just get the applique pieces attached with wonder under, but not sewn, you won't get pieces coming off because of wear and tear in your container or bag. You also won't have to press each section again and again as it is always rolled neatly around the tube, until you are ready to sew all the blocks together.

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  1. i have done similar , but for a larger project i have used the cardboard roll from a Gift wrap roll and covered it in cotton batting, It gives something for the first block to cling to , I made a fabric sleeve (a long skinny tube with a draw string top) to carry the project in , Works for me