Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes I wake up grumpy...sometimes I let him sleep

Don't you just love the saying on this little pillow?  I've had it for years. I remember buying it at The Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto quite a few years back, it was just a tapestry rectangle that you could make into what ever you liked. My hubby doesn't think it's funny and keeps throwing it off the bed.  He's just grumpy! The quilt on our bed is one of my favorite and is called Jelly Bellies from Miss Rosie Quilt Co. The quilt is all made from charm packs of Thimbleberries and I made it at a class quite some time ago at Gone to Pieces Quilt store. It has 238 (yikes) of the little snowballs put together to form the centre and then a railroad tie border all around. So simple but so effective.

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  1. I LOVE the quilt, and the saying on the cushion.