Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've gone from flat to fluffy

When we were in Montreal I was in a department store looking around and came across a fabulous scarf. I just loved it and was going to purchase it until I looked at the price tag....OMG $55.00...I don't think so. I opted to have a better look as to how the scraf was made. It was a simple flat scarf and they had sewed rows of elastic which gathered up the scarf and gave it these beautiful ruffles. You could just wrap it around your neck and all the ruffles sat wonderfully around your shoulders and tucked without difficulty into your coat. That of course got me to thinking....I should be able to do this myself. I purchased elastic thread which I pulled tight as I wound it onto the bobbin of my sewing machine and used regular thread on the top. I simply sewed three rows of stitching down the length of the scarf and voila, it ruffled like a charm....I love it and I saved $55.00 which I can now buy more stash with!

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