Sunday, February 1, 2015

Holy Giant Oreo Batman!

 Dear youngest Son celebrated a milestone birthday recently....21....
 a milestone for both of us....his sort of coming of age, although 21 is hardly the norm these days, it's more like 16 or 18. A milestone for me as well as he's the last one, the baby is now a young man. Where did those years go?
We celebrated with an awesome Oreo Cookie cake which was a HUGE hit, pardon the pun. The cake disappeared in a record time day it was completely devoured.

I liked it as it was super easy peasy to make and looked like I slaved all day. Just this simple two layer pan from Sonoma Williams, a Duncan Hines cake mix and a jar of pre made white icing and voila.

 I loved that you didn't actually even have to ice the whole cake, just the middle!
The whole thing is just a bit TOO big to dip though!

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