Monday, February 2, 2015

Flapper Diaper Bag


In my quest to complete some unfinished projects in 2015, I came across this Benartex Handbag Panel that I had picked up a while ago. And when I say I while ago, I mean it.

It was very cool looking and that’s why it probably caught my eye, but when I started to sew it up I got to thinking if I would really use it.  The more I thought about it and looked at the design, the more it got me to thinking…this would make a really cool couture diaper bag….and I just happen to have a niece who is expecting. Wonders never cease.

As I was finishing the bag up I retrofitted it to the needs of a young mom on the go. It has a place for diaper wipes and cream along with fabric elasticized bands to hold a baby bottle upright.


I made a matching waterproof change pad and a special holder for the soother so it would never get lost…..been there done that!


Everything stores nice and compact and it looks fashionable as well as practical.


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