Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somebody put a hex on me


While at market we came across “Hug’s n kisses”…she from Australia and she had these wonderful pre-cut hexie pieces that are fusible on one side. You cut your square, fuse the hexie pieces to the wrong side of the fabric, trim 1/4 inch around, apply a glue stick on each side and turn under as you go around. The hexies come in various sizes and when she said you could sew it on your machine with a mini blind hem stitch…. I was in. I did try a couple on the machine, and it did work, however, as these are so tiny,  it was quicker to whip stitch them by hand and I’m all about getting er done.


This little piece is using the 1/2 inch hexies, and I did buy the 1 inch as well, so I think that the 1 inch will be easier to sew on the machine…and I will be trying that for sure.

There were little patterns that partnered with these such as pincushions and change purses. I’m working on getting a few together for the shop. Super cute, super easy.

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  1. Love them! I just started using hexies myself! I love them! I made 3 flowers using 1 inch hexies!