Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Braid makes the Grade

This is Lori's patriotic  red, white and blue scrap Braid quilt. We're in Canada so these are not our true colors, however it's what Lori had left in her stash. It might look patriotic, but it's still lovely. I really like these braid quilts and have always wanted to make one. As I longarmed it for Lori it kept inspiring me to make one. (One of these days) When Lori brought it, the quilt was quite off kilter...probably 4 or more inches out in one corner. Lori says...."Just do what you can do to quilt it." It's amazing what the quilt frame and machine can do with a little stretching and tucking here and there. Turned out well and almost one would ever know if I'd not told you.

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