Monday, August 15, 2011

Socks and Sandals.....OMG

     I love the quilt but the guy holding it with the socks and sandals has gotta go. That's my dear hubby hiding behind my "made it while I was camping" quilt...I'd hide too if I was wearing that footwear combo. This quilt was made from scraps from my Vintage Homestead quilt...all I had to add was the sashing pieces. It's from  the  Book called "Cozy Modern Quilts" by Kim Schaefer and the quilt is called "Carousel Lap Quilt". I love the way the pattern plays tricks on your looks like the pieces are curved when really they are straight cuts.


  1. Love the quilt! I've been thinking of making one with that pattern. I understand your husband and his socks with sandals! I do it too! I don't want to get my feet dirty, but love the comfort of sandals-especiallly when camping!

  2. Nice quilt Leslie! I had to smile at the socks with sandals, as I've never been able to understand that concept!