Thursday, May 5, 2011

World's Ugliest Chairs

These are by far the world's ugliest chairs. My daughter however sees life in them, and has asked me to reupholster them for her. These were my mother in law's 100 years ago some time back. Probably from the 50's I would think? They were passed to her daughter then to my one daughter who had slipcovers over them. Then salvaged from one sister to another and have been sitting in our garage for the last six months as our youngest daughter wanted them redone for her new house. I said I would try, but I'm not a miracle worker  professional upholsterer. I'll share the finished project tomorrow.


  1. I am not the only one who thinks you can do anything!! Can't wait to see the results!!

  2. Good Luck Leslie! I have no doubt that they will be beautiful....