Friday, May 6, 2011

Before and After ..from Frumpy to Fab

A little fabric goes a long way! What a difference a little paint and fabric can make. I'm lovin these and wish I had scooped them up myself. My daughter salvaged them from her sister and asked that I reupholster them. We tracked off to Ikea and bought this fabulous fabric...only $5.99 per yard so that in itself was a steal as it was 60 inches wide and wonderful upholstery fabric. First I repainted the legs black, put extra batting around the seat to cover the piping and measured it up. I bought a power staple gun as well so it would be easier  and quicker to get the staples in. I managed to pick up black upholstery tacks at Home Depot and used them to finish off the backs of the chairs. They look great and match perfectly. Took a little bit of work to figure out when to tuck and turn,but overall they look quite smart. My youngest daughter loves them and they look like she spent a fortune on them. Funny eh...everything that goes around comes around...those old chairs from the 50's are right back in style now.

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