Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sport's fanatic t-shirt quilt

There is something really sentimental for sport fanatic whereby their shirts are memorabilia and are meant to be saved as legacies. My friend Mary made this t-shirt quilt for her daughter who lives in Maine. She has been asking Mary when it was going to be finished and as Mary and her hubby are heading down to see them, she asked that it be quilted before they leave. It was a bit of a challenge to quilt as it was very thick in parts, and you could feel the longarm machine dragging as the machine went over certain parts. Thicknesses resulted from the t-shirt, the interfacing, the batting, the backing and flanges that were doubled in the corners...plus it was all done in flannels. Overall I was pleased with it and it will make a wonderful legacy quilt for Mary's daughter.

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