Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dresden Girl on the make

This is the making of Dresden Girl. Kindred Spirit Quilt Co. likes to have a new creation 1/4ly for the doll class they offer at the store. Each 1/4 I try and design a new doll pattern that quilters will enjoy and that in some small way has a quilting technique involved. This is the start of Dresden Girl, isn't she pretty. Her face is sculpted and colored with pencil crayons along with individual eyelashes sewn in by hand. The face then sits in a silk flower, her face as centre. She will stand on a candlestick in stead of having legs. She has a dropped waist dress and the skirt is made with the Dresden template and is gathered up around  as her skirt. Too cute, I'll keep you posted as she pulls herself together.  

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