Saturday, November 15, 2014

**IT Just Got Real

All day the dog has been MIA…hiding under tables, laying on the floor in rooms he never ventures to…he is traumatized and has been trying to hide from the bedlam, the noise and the terror….oh I wish I was him, I wish I could hide, go lay down, anywhere, even on the floor…………..

My daughter and her hubby have gone to Barbados for the week …



The youngest is in bed and the oldest is watching the game with Dear Hubby. I’m sitting in a chair with the dog…there is safety in numbers…he’s out like a light, running from the chaos all day. This is the view from the chair where I now sit in shear paralysis… I don’t have the energy to even move, nor pet the dog ….I’m fearful he would take my hand off in retribution.

And the week won’t get much better…I just looked at the calendar and it’s fuller than Dolly Parton’s Double G bra.

We have the HT’s (holy terrors) Huggable Treasures all week, the only godsend is that they are at school and nursery school 5 out of the 7 days.  Monday looks about the best day, Tuesday night I teach at the quilt shop, Wednesday I teach at the quilt shop, Thursday I have my consult for my colonoscopy(and at this point that would appear to be the highlight of my week!), Friday night I teach at the quilt shop, Saturday I teach all day at the quilt shop, and Sunday afternoon I teach at the quilt shop……and Michelle wants me to learn cash*)*!_#*_!*_$&_1….LOL, LMAO, LIH, SHIT… you read the last two acronyms wrong…LIH(laughing in hysterics) SHIT(sobbing hysterically in tears). I’m so tired, I’m exhausted and it’s only the first day.

We did manage to do some fun things today, although you wouldn’t think so based on the look of the family room! I picked up these cute little Christmas craft packages at Hobby Lobby and the boys did both have fun putting them together.


We had fun with Rudolph noses and antlers, trying to get a picture for Mom and Dad’s Christmas frames….that was fun.


Look how sweet they are!  Who wouldn’t want them for a whole week!

LAMLIR(laughing at my life in ruins)

The Dog!

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  1. We know you love it! But they will go home eventually! They will be as tired as you are.