Thursday, December 5, 2013

Margie…you’re a bad influence


I’m checking the staff schedule at the store before I go in again. EVERYTIME that I visit when Marg is working I end up leaving Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. with a stash of new products. Look what she sucked me into last time. She makes is so appealing……Lesllie, look at the little tape measures, and the little ducks, and look at the vintage colors….ohhhhh!  She’s evil!

She sucks you in slowly, before you really notice what has happened….

“Hey, Leslie, oh did you see this new line that came in!”

“Oh, Leslie, look at these adorable new charm packs, ohhhhhh!”

“Leslie, I thought of you when I saw this new Jelly Roll!”

“Ohhh, this one has little sewing machines on it, don’t you just love it Leslie!”

She’s the devil, you know that little guy that sits on your shoulder opposite the guy that is saying don’t buy it….that’s her…she sits there and smiles all sweet, ohhhing and awwwwing, soft as butter, then she has you in your grips, it’s too late, you’re done….you reach for your wallet as she stands behind the cutting counter or the cash and just gloats……she has done her job.

Michelle…does she work on commission?


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