Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I recently decided to switch up my outside decor for the Easter holidays as local nurseries had some wonderful Pansie arrangements available. I should have taken down the winter evergreen arrangements from the hanging baskets long before now, but procrastinated as usual. With my new Pansie planters in hand I proceeded to take down the hanging basket at the front porch. Nearly gave me a heart attack as I moved it because a morning dove had taken up nest in it and let's just say she was less than impressed when I disturbed her. Once she got her ass out  feathers less ruffled, I was able to take the arrangement down to find a little nest with one small egg in it. I felt horrible, but decided to take out the evergreens and put my Pansie pot in place anyway. I was worried about the fact that I had heard if humans touch a nest the mother won't come back to it as she smells the scent of people. I carefully took out the nest, put in the flowers and gently replaced the nest, egg intact. A few days later I thought I would have a look to see how things were going and low and behold there were now two eggs. Guess that thing about the human touch is a myth. I'll keep you posted as these little guys develop over the next few weeks. Should be fun to watch as I have a " bird's eye view".

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