Friday, August 13, 2010

First day as blogger

Today is the first day of my blog...I am in no way, shape or form computer savvy...I always have to ask my boys to help me with this or that on the computer. I must admit I have surprised myself by getting this blog up and running. I'm still trying to get somethings aligned and hopefully I can figure that out in time.

This blog was started as a result of the encouragement shown by my quilting friends. It was these individuals that said " you should start your own blog, we love your ideas, projects and the neat things you do, you should share them", so that got me thinking...why not?

I am amazed by the blogs I visit and I'm in awe of what other quilters are accomplishing and creating. These blogs truly inspire me and I hope that my blog will inspire others.

I'm not a fabulous quilter by any means. My points don't always match, my stitches are prefect, but I love the art of quilting and everything about it. ....the fabrics, the patterns, the thread, and of course, I'm just "itchin to be stitchin"

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